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Master’s program in Japanese Studies 2019

Our Master’s program offers Japanese Studies students an even broader view and more specialized knowledge about Japan. Applying for the program takes place online at




Master’s Program: Japanese Language and Culture


Period of study: two semesters; Mode of study: regular; Head / Instructor: Associate Professor Gergana Petkova; e-mail:

The purpose of the Master’s program “Japanese Language and Culture” of the Japanese Studies Department in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is to aid the students in prioritising their professional goals, to give them more opportunities for specialising as experts in the field of the Orient and Japan, and to give them a better start in today’s world of dynamic and rapidly developing cultural integration. This program is a direct continuation of the Bachelor’s program in Japanese Studies in Sofia University, and through it the students are able to attain more knowledge and skills in the field of linguistics, learn about Japan and Japanese culture, its system of values, its art and spirituality, as well as learn how to practically apply this knowledge.

The program’s courses offer a balance of theoretical study, discussions, seminars, presentations, questionnaire surveys, and workshops. These courses can aid the students in learning how to conduct future scientific research for the Japanese language and culture, as well as other aspects of East Asian culture. Those who finish the Master’s program receive a professional qualification which gives the status of Japanese Studies experts with a higher skill in scientific research, and a higher level of trust among the academic community and public affairs. They can pursue a career in various fields of cultural, business, and public institutions and organisations as experts in education, culture, international relations, state administration, mass communication, book printing, tourism, and others.

Conditions and requirements for entry: Those who can apply for studying in the “Japanese Language and Culture” Master’s program:

Specialists with a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”; specialists from other fields of study who have finished the “Japanese Language and Culture” Postgraduate course in Sofia University; graduate students from other humanities if they are citizens of Bulgaria or a member-state of the European Union with proficiency in Japanese language of the same level as or higher than the one acquired in the Bachelor’s program („Japanese Language Proficiency Test“ – JLPT, N2).

The score of the candidates is derived by arithmetic mean from: total score from the Bachelor’s degree and the score from discussion with the professors. There is a quota for state subsidies and the students who have finished the Bachelor’s program in Japanese Studies or “Japanese Language and Culture” Postgraduate course in Sofia University are with priority.

The required minimal score for the candidates for state subsidies is “very good” (4.50) from the degree for a finished Higher education. All candidates with a lesser score can apply for a paid form of study. Candidates for the paid form of study must have a score of “good” (4.00) in their Higher education degree. The acceptance of candidates for a paid form of study proceeds in the same manner as the acceptance of candidates for state subsidies.

Discussion with the professors: The entry exam is conducted in the form of a discussion in Bulgarian. The board of examiners prepare questions so that they can determine the motivations of the candidates for studying in the Master’s program; their scientific interests in the field of Japanese Studies; their basic comprehension of culture, their ability to think independently and to provide arguments for their opinion; their view on the uses of the Master’s program regarding their future career. Afterwards, the board of examiners determines a score from 6 to 2.