Non-degree courses



The program is available since 2006/2007 academic year. The course offers broad-based training in the area indicated. It is intended for professionals from various fields who wish to acquire basic practical skills for communication in Japanese as well as basic knowledge of Japanese culture and society. It is also suitable for government employees whose field is related to Japan, and for executives and employees that have business relationships with Japanese companies and organizations.
The course is conducted in the Department of Japanese Studies by highly qualified Bulgarian and Japanese teachers.
Duration: 2 years (two semesters a year)/ 3 times a week 6pm-9pm
Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate of professional qualification is issued.
For further information:
Head of Sector for Postgraduate Qualification, Tsvetelina Panova; Rectorate, Room 214, Phone: (+359 2) 8463 546, (+359 2) 9308 548
and at the Japanese Studies Department: