BA Degree Program in Japanese Studies

BA in Japanese Studies
We are proud to be one of the most competitive, attractive and effective BA programs in the field of Philology not only in Bulgaria but also in the entire Balkan region.
Qualification characteristics
Major: Japanese studies

Aim, educational goals
Our Department is the only academic unit in Bulgaria where regular academic training in Japanese studies is carried out at all three levels of tertiary education – BA, MA and PhD. The BA program aims for the future Japanese specialists to obtain thorough knowledge, a very high level of written and spoken Japanese, as well as elaborate Oriental education, and to train highly qualified Japanese specialists, able to professionally integrate themselves in the country and around the world. ”

Education (knowledge and skills necessary for successful professional activity; general theoretical and special training, etc.)
The teaching methodology conforms to its main purpose. The curricula and syllabi are prepared in accordance with the objectives of the ACS in the professional field of Philology and are in accordance with the state requirements for the training of competent specialists. The main disciplines are related to theory and practice of the Japanese language and Japanese literature, the history of Japan from antiquity to the twentieth century, Japanese art, religion and philosophy and the social, political and economic life of Japan. The practical Japanese language classes are methodologically combined with the study of traditional and contemporary spiritual and material culture of the Japanese society, its economic and political models, and other similar Oriental sciences. Modern interactive teaching methods are used, in accordance to the latest trends in the teaching of practical Japanese language. In some classes of the Practical Japanese language course, the classes are held by Japanese guest lecturers, who are sent by Japan under an official agreement between SU “St. Kliment Ohridski ” and the Japan Foundation for Cultural Cooperation.

Professional competences
Future Japanese specialists receive thorough knowledge, a very high level of written and spoken Japanese, as well as elaborate education in the field of East Asian Studies: they are trained as highly qualified specialists in Japanese language, capable of integrating professionally in different countries around the world, but above all to be able to professionally pursue a profession in the field of public administration, tourism, business, educational, cultural and research organizations in Bulgaria – as teachers in the education system, Japanese language teachers, specialists in field of linguistics, history and culture, journalists, experts in the administrative structures of various government agencies and companies, as translators in the private and public sectors, in tourism, in the publishing industry, in the library system, various research institutes, etc.