Bunkasai 2022

The fifteenth Japanese culture festival Bunkasai was held on 17th July 2022 at the Centrе for Eastern Languages and Studies. This year’s festival featured Tanabata. In addition to a Tanabata stand where you could write a wish and tie it to a tree, there was a Japanese calligraphy stand where you could have your name or a specific character written down, and a food stall where Japanese food such as sushi, onigiri, karaage, and okonomiyaki was served. A tea ceremony room, a board game room, an anime and manga room, a history room, an origami room, and a kimono room were also inside the building. Stage performances included two J-pop songs, a dance cover of Aya, a play about the legend of Tanabata, a rakugo story Jugemu, and a traditional Japanese dance Bon Odori.