Honored and dear guest

Petar Nikolaev, graduate from Japanese Studies, Sofia Univeristy and former Bulgarian Cultural Attaché in Japan and former Consul and Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of Bulgaria in Australia, was invited to speak to fourth-year students from the Department of Japanese Studies. During his talk, Mr. Nikolaev explained that the main part of his current duties as desk officer for Australia, New Zealand and Mongolia was to ensure smooth communication between Bulgaria and the countries in his field of responsibility. In addition to answering the students’ questions about his years spent abroad and recounting numerous fond memories of his travels, he also shared  important  career tips. “Diplomats need to constantly strive to adapt to new environment and situations, and rely closely on their team with whom they represent Bulgaria overseas.“ Despite the many challenges that come with working as a diplomat, Mr. Nikolaev strongly encouraged young people to take interest in this profession. “What matters most is persistence, the constant drive for learning new things and above all – love for your country.” said Mr. Nikolaev.