The Super Power of Japanese Soft-power

6 and 7 March 2021


The aim of this project is to raise public awareness of the new horizons ensured by Japanese soft power policies. The main event is focused on providing a platform for experts in the field to share their ideas, communicate different views and search for important and insightful solutions for the successful promotion of cultural products in a global world.

06 March 2021 – 10.00 – 14.00

10.00-14.00                English with Bulgarian translation (Bilyana Boichinova)

Moderator:                Boyko VASSILEV (Bulgarian National Television)

Session 1                    The Super Power of Japanese Soft-Power

10.00-10.10                Dean Danova – Introductory remarks

10.10-10.30                Professor WATANABE Yasushi, Keio University

10.30-10.50                Professor Ivan ILCHEV, Sofia University

Discussant:                 Assoc. Professor Evgeniy KANDILAROV, Sofia University

10.50-11.30                Q&A

11.30-12.30                Lunch break

Session 2                    Japanese society: lifestyle and culture

12.30-12.45                Professor UESUGI Tomiyuki, Seijo University

12.45-12.55                Professor Gergana PETKOVA, Sofia University

12.55-13.05                Professor WATANABE Yasushi, Keio University

13.05-13.20                Professor Ivaylo DICHEV, Sofia University


13.20-13.25                Assoc. Professor Anton ANDREEV, Sofia University

13.25-13.30                Assoc. Professor Boyan JEKOV, chairman of JICA ALUMNI/

 Chairperson “Nihon Tomonokai”





13.30-13.35                Nikolai BAKALOV, PhD, Sofia University

13.35-13.40                Dr Naiden KANDILAROV, Head of Medical Laboratories Chain

13.40-14.00                Discussion


07 March 2021 – 10.00 – 14.30 

10.00-11.00                Japanese with Bulgarian translation (Iliyana Kostova)

Мoderator:                Albena Todorova

Session 3                    Cool Japan: Studio Ghibli in focus

SUZUKI Toshio, co-founder of Studio Ghibli and Bulgarian young people interact on the passion towards animation and the importance of animation art in our lives.

11.00-12.00                Lunch break

12.00-14.30                Session in Japanese and Bulgarian (Iliyana Kostova)

Moderator:                Nadya OBRETENOVA (Bulgarian National Television)

Session 4                    Art for heart’s sake

12.00-12.10                Introductory remarks (Stella ZHIVKOVA, Sofia university)  

12.10-12.25                Mr. SATO Kazutaka, International Otaku Expo Association (IOEA)

12.25-12.35                Q&A

12.35-12.50                Professor emeritus HAMASHITA Masahiro, Kobe College

12.50-13.00                Q&A

13.00-13.15                Professor ARAKI Hiroshi, NICHIBUNKEN

13.15-13.25                Q&A

13.25-13.40                 Professor Anri KULEV, animator and film director,

New Bulgarian University

13.40 -13.50               Q&A

13.50-14.15                Maestro Yordan KAMDZHALOV –  musician and conductor

14.15-14.25                Q&A

14.25-14.30                Concluding remarks